CyberPeace Corps

“The Highest of distinctions is service to others” - King George IV

CyberPeace Corps is envisioned to be a coalition of citizens, volunteers, experts and volunteers that become experts who come together as working groups for the cause of CyberPeace across the world. The world needs it today for the internet to be peaceful, trustworthy and safe enough for its users.

Unfortunately, various shortcomings in technology, law, awareness, and international cooperation have been widening the gap altogether and there is no answer to the growing cyber threats to nations today. Collective resilience and action are somethings that are needed to originate from our communities in order to sustainably evolve and transition into netizens.


CyberPeace Foundation is involved in creating a research network Named “E-Raksha Research Centres”, in collaboration with academia, industry and government. The CyberPeace Corps volunteers can participate in research activities thereby fostering innovation and research for cyberpeace. This may help in budding entrepreneurs innovate.


Volunteers will approach schools, colleges, housing complexes, religious outfits, playschools and other institutions to find a target group of Internet users who knowingly or unknowingly put themselves in danger or foment hate.

Proactive Actions

CyberPeace Corps will have an insight of future threats and its mitigation strategy and based on outreach and their own experiences they can work together to protect potentially sensitive information which may help strengthen trust and goodwill among nations.


Peace in collaboration, the key to a trustworthy cyberspace and digital economy. The industry organizations can join hands in sharing cyber-threat information could contribute their workers for a fixed period to strengthen CyberSecurity capabilities in their communities. Firms with international operations could do the same abroad. A coordinated effort will bring the change.

Capacity Building

Giving back to the society will help fulfill the shortage of CyberSecurity professionals. The volunteers will organize workshops and the students will get industry exposure at an early stage of their career. In partnerships with universities and colleges across the nation, the volunteers will conduct summer CyberSecurity boot camps and clinics to teach how to defend computer systems against malicious hackers.


Whatever Be Your Skills, Passion Or Interest, You Fit Right Into The CyberPeace Corps





CyberPeace Corps is an initiative which is both community centric and community oriented. As the cyber space has become the next dimension of one’s life, it has become imperative to talk about and protect this space and individuals that practically lead their lives in it.