CyberPeace Corps

CyberPeace Corps is the flagship initiative of the CyberPeace Foundation, envisioned to promote peace, safety, and stability in cyberspace. It is a coalition of citizens who come forward as responsible volunteers, working selflessly in supporting communities to use the power of Internet, in a safe and enabling manner.

Why CyberPeace Corps (CPC)

CPC is both community-centric and community oriented. As Internet has become the next dimension of one’s life, it has become imperative to protect individuals who practically lead their lives in immersed in virtual space. Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy to tackle the expanding cyber risks today because of multiple inadequacies in technology, law, awareness, and international laws and cooperation. Therefore, ensuring safety and positive experiences in the vast and uncharted cyberspace, with collective resilience and action must come from within communities, which is the mantra of CPC. Which brings together people from all walks of life to work collectively toward the common goal of creating a safer and peaceful cyberspace.

Who can join?

The CyberPeace Corps program is structured to develop an understanding of cyberspace among all people, from all strata of society. The most interesting aspect of CPC volunteers is that they are not required to be experts in the field of technology or cyber safety. Volunteers can be from any profession, geography, or demographic. The important requirement is the drive and motivation to serve society and gain knowledge, skills, and opportunities for growth. The flexible and open-choice approach to volunteering in CPC allows for freedom and flexibility to choose how volunteers engage with the organization. Volunteers are assigned tasks that align with their areas of expertise and motivation. For example, a teacher can conduct workshops, a coder can develop applications, a hacker can find security bugs in systems, a researcher can analyze the data to predict trends, and a manager can organize and lead quality events, etc. There’s even room for artists, musicians, and writers alike, which means that at the heart of the corps membership, is an all-inclusive growth platform.


CyberPeace Foundation is involved in creating a research network Named “E-Raksha Research Centres”, in collaboration with academia, industry and government. The CyberPeace Corps volunteers can participate in research activities thereby fostering innovation and research for cyberpeace. This may help in budding entrepreneurs innovate.

Inclusion and Outreach

Volunteers with flair, and interest in training, will be mentored and provided opportunities to reach out to individuals across all ages, and social and economic backgrounds in urban, semi-urban, and rural communities. They will be facilitated to conduct capacity-building programs to ensure that the people are safe, responsible, and ethical netizens.

Policy and Advocacy

Volunteers interested in developing policy documents, white papers, technical articles, blogs, etc will be connected with think-tanks and policy influencers. They will be mentored to develop and publish policy papers and articles related to safety, diplomacy, and peace in cyberspace.

Research and Innovation

Volunteers with the aptitude, and interest in research and innovation will get to work with a high-level research network established in CyberPeace Centres of Excellence, which have been set up by the CyberPeace Foundation in premier universities in many states across India. This would help budding entrepreneurs participate in research activities, thereby fostering innovation and research in the field of cybersecurity.

Collaborate and Connect

Volunteers will be given opportunities to connect with academia, industry policymakers, and experts, to organize programs for strengthening cybersecurity capabilities in the communities. Collaborating with leading organizations and experts will also help in their own personal learning and growth.


Whatever Be Your Skills, Passion Or Interest, You Fit Right Into The CyberPeace Corps





CyberPeace Corps is an initiative which is both community centric and community oriented. As the cyber space has become the next dimension of one’s life, it has become imperative to talk about and protect this space and individuals that practically lead their lives in it.