One of the biggest search engines has made a never-ending impact on all our lives, both personal and professional lives have been automated by one or the other services. Google has been instrumental in communication, navigation, data storage, recreational services and many more. Since its inception, the company has been one of the major tech developers in the world and is now the backbone of the smartphone industry in the form of Android.


What is Google 1?

Every google account comes with 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage shared across Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. But with videos of your kids, hi-res photos of your pets, and work files, that space doesn’t stretch far these days. Google One is the company’s subscription service, with several tiers to expand your cloud storage for a monthly fee. Storage can be shared with your family, but it’s just the start—there are other benefits to subscribing.


Benefits of Google 1

The main benefit of a Google One plan is the extra cloud storage you can share with up to five family members. While families can share the same space, personal photos and files are accessible only to each owner unless you specifically choose to share them. Everyone in the family can also share the additional benefits.

  • Access to Google Experts: You get instant access to Google experts for general questions or tech support for any of your Google products or services. You can contact support by phone, chat, or email through the Google One app 24/7.
  • Extra Editing Features in Google Photos: This adds Portrait Light and Portrait Blur for Android or iOS, enabling you to brighten faces and eliminate shadows or blur backgrounds for that bokeh effect.
  • Google Play Credits: You will occasionally get credits to redeem in the Play Store on books, movies, apps, or games. The amount and frequency vary.
  • Hotel Deals: US subscribers can claim up to 40 percent off stays in select hotels, but the available discounts change frequently. When you sign in to your Google account and search hotels, you will sometimes see One member price listed.
  • Discounts, Trials, and Other Perks: You may get offers for discounted Google services or hardware, extended free trials of Google services, and other perks (for example, Google offered everyone upgrading to a 2-TB plan a free Nest Mini). These offers pop up and disappear seemingly at random.
  • Cashback on Purchases: The 200-GB plan nets you 3 percent back in Google Store credit for any Google Store purchases you make. The 2-TB plan and above nets you 10 percent back. If you are thinking about buying multiple Google devices, this could prove useful. It can take up to one month to get the credit after your purchase, and it will have an expiry date attached.
  • VPN for Android and iOS: The 2-TB and higher plans come with Google’s virtual private network service for Android and iOS devices. It’s good for privacy and designed to prevent logging, so no one can see what you are doing on the internet.


Dark Net scan

A Google One subscriber can use the Dark Web Report feature to check if their name, birth date, email addresses (up to 10) and phone numbers have ever been compromised on the dark web. One can also set the feature to get real-time updates and advice to manage the data. Although Google’s regular users can also use this feature to keep a check on their email address, they cannot be able to monitor other details like the Google One subscribers. Google’s Dark Web Report feature will work as a relevant step in protecting personal information from being misused as cybercrimes are on the rise in India these days. Indian subscribers of Google One can benefit from this new feature as an added layer of security to their data. In March, Google One unveiled its services to all the users in the US when the service was exclusively available to the Premium 2TB plan subscribers. It was then introduced along with a free VPN service.



Google being of the major tech creators and propogater, upholds a major responsibility, i.e pilot R&D towards creating a ssfer cyberspace, the new dark net scan feature will be instrumental in raising overall awareness and reduction of ill impact of bad actors operating over the dark web. The ability to scan the dark web for personl data will allow the netizens to be safe andsecuredwhile surfing the net. The influence of the dark web cannot be overlooked, hence we need to prepare ourselves and next genravtion to efficiently combat the menace origination from the corners of Dark net and deep net.


Theme 7: Internet Governance, Multilingual Internet and AI

Actionable Proposal:  Establishing norms, guidelines and policies that will address the shortcomings on a global level, focusing on the impact of Ai on the multilingual internet.

Proposed Outcomes: Internationally ratifies

Theme 8: AI and its influence on economies and startups

Theme 9: Impact of AI cybercrimes on Global Democracies

Theme 10: GAI for Space exploration and Potential weaponising satellites


Actionable Proposal: Establish a GPAI Cyber-AI Security Coalition that fosters collaboration among member states in countering AI-based cyber threats and developing resilient cybersecurity strategies.

Proposed Outcome: A united front against AI-driven cyber threats, with enhanced international cybersecurity cooperation, information sharing, and collective response mechanisms.


Author: Mr.Abhishek Singh, Lead – Policy and Advocacy, CyberPeace

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