Introduction is committed to stepping ahead to enhance Internet safety and responsible online behaviour. ‘Google for INDIA 2023’, an innovative conclave, took place on 19th October 2023. has embarked on its vision for a safer Internet and combating misinformation, financial frauds and other threats that come from bad actors. Alphabet Big Tech is committed to leading this charter and engaging with all stakeholders, including government agencies. has partnered with CyberPeace Foundation to foster a safer online environment and empower users on informed decisions on the Internet. CyberPeace will run a nationwide awareness and capacity-building Initiative equipping more than 40 Million Indian netizens with fact-checking techniques, tools, SoPs, and guidance for responsible and safe online behaviour. The campaign will be deployed in 15 Indian regional languages as a comprehensive learning outcome for the whole nation. Together, and CyberPeace Foundation aim to make the Internet safer for everyone and work in a direction to ensure that progress for everyone is built on a strong foundation of trusted information available on the Internet and pursuing the true spirit of “Technology for Good”. and CyberPeace together for enhanced online safety

A new $4 million grant to CyberPeace Foundation will support a nationwide awareness-building program and comprehensive multilingual digital resource hub with content available in up to 15 Indian languages to empower nearly 40 million underserved people across the country in building resilience against misinformation and practice responsible online behaviour.  Together, and CyberPeace are on their way to creating a strong pathway of trusted Internet and a safer digital environment. The said campaign will be undertaken for a duration of 3 years, and the various key components will run at the core of the same, including CyberPeace Corps Volunteers, Digital Resource Hub, Public Sensitisation, CyberPeace Quick Reaction Team, Engaging Multimedia Content, Fact-check unit and more.


Fight Against Misinformation

Misinformation is rampant all across the world and requires attention. With the increasing penetration of social media and the internet, this remains a global issue. has taken up the initiative to address this issue in India and, in collaboration with CyberPeace Foundation taken a proactive step to multiple avenues for mass-scale awareness and upskilling campaigns have been piloted to make an impact on the ground with the vision of upskilling over 40 Million people in the country and building resilience against misinformation and practising responsible online behavior.


CyberPeace Corps Volunteers Initiative

The “CyberPeace Corps” operates as a dedicated vertical within the broader scope of CyberPeace Foundation. The CyberPeace Corps Volunteers will be one of the crucial components of this “’ & CyberPeace initiative”. It will enlarge the vision for enhancing internet safety and responsible online behaviour in India. This CyberPeace Corps volunteers program will create a massive community of 9 million CyberPeace Ambassadors/First Responders/and Volunteers, reaching deep into rural, marginalised, and vulnerable segments of Indian society and empowering Internet safety and responsible behaviour on the Internet.


CyberPeace Corps Volunteers will be a pan-India volunteer engagement initiative to create a community of 9 million CyberPeace Ambassadors/First Responders/Volunteers to fight misinformation and promote responsible online behaviour going far into the rural, marginalised and most vulnerable strata of society. Promoting Trust, Stability and Peace in the Cyberspace.


The CyberPeace Corps Volunteers program is a powerful force in efforts to create a safer and more responsible online environment in India. By extending their reach, educating communities, and empowering individuals with the necessary skills, this initiative has the potential to significantly reduce the impact of online threats and misinformation while promoting responsible online behaviour. It’s a positive step towards ensuring that progress for everyone is built on a strong foundation of trusted information available on the internet.


This initiative is set to take the project forward and the positive impact by:


  • Extending Reach to Marginalized Communities: The CyberPeace Corps Volunteers program is focused on reaching those segments of the population that are often underserved and at higher risk of misinformation and online threats. These volunteers will help bridge the digital divide and make sure that even the most marginalised individuals have access to information and resources to stay safe online.
  • Grassroots Education and Awareness: The volunteers will be playing an important role in educating large communities about responsible online behaviour. They will do this by conducting workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns using regional languages so everyone can understand it. This will empower a large number of netizens with the knowledge they need to spot misleading online content and be capable of identifying credible and trustworthy content or information on the Internet.
  • Real-time response: CyberPeace Corps Volunteers will serve as first responders to incidents of online misinformation, harassment, or cyberbullying. The CyberPeace Corps volunteers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to take instant action against such cases and report them to the relevant forum. This proactive approach will ensure and help in minimising the spread of false information and maintaining user safety on the Internet.
  • Building Trust: By engaging volunteers from many backgrounds and communities, this initiative helps build trust and rapport among individuals. The ability to trust someone from your community or background impacts how you will listen and accept what they have to say. This initiative understands that to break language barriers and foster unity, it engages with volunteers from various backgrounds and communities across the country and makes the message of online safety and responsible use of the internet more effective.
  • Local Language Expertise: India is a diverse country with different regional languages. It is one of the few places where you can travel 100 miles over, and people will be speaking an entirely different regional language. To bridge that gap and spread the message across all local languages, this initiative will be deployed in 15 different regional languages. Then, volunteers who speak that specific language will be more effective in delivering the message as well as assisting those who require help in their native language.
  • Empowering Communities: This initiative is not just about raising awareness but also about giving individuals the tools and knowledge to protect themselves online. By educating people about fact-checking techniques, safety protocols, and responsible behaviour, CyberPeace Corps volunteers are empowering communities to be more self-reliant in the digital space.
  • Creating a Safer Internet Culture: The CyberPeace Corps Volunteer program is a long-term endeavour to create a culture of responsible online behaviour and Internet safety in India. A network of 9 million volunteers will make the impact widespread and enduring.
  • Aligning with ‘Technology for Good’: This initiative looks at using technology and community engagement to overcome online threats and misinformation. This initiative will showcase a vital role in addressing the challenges associated with the digital age, such as misinformation and other threats that come from bad actors. And creating a safe digital environment. To become a part of the CyberPeace Corps Volunteer program, you can visit us at



The widespread misinformative content, fake information, and disinformation attacks are seen in digital media space or on the internet. The proactive initiative of in collaboration with CyberPeace is a commendable step to prevent the spread of misinformation and empower users to act responsibly while sharing information and making informed decisions while using the Internet, creating a safe digital environment for everyone. CyberPeace Corps Volunteers program as part of this initiative represents a commendable endeavour to enhance internet safety and responsible online behaviour in India by empowering marginalised communities, promoting grassroots education, and building a network of 9 million volunteers, a large engagement fostering a culture of internet safety, underlining the importance of trusted information in the digital age.




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