The new technology has impacted the sectors of educational institutes as well as Educators. Many opportunities have opened up after the introduction of new technologies. They not only help to develop us but can also help reduce cost operations, enhance the effect of learning, and create new innovative educational activities restricted in the traditional educational environment. And the most important thing is that these modern education technologies will help students to gain the best education that meets the new innovative technology and to skill up their technical knowledge.

It is essential for students and faculty members to gain a lot of knowledge about Cyber crimes, their reporting portals, and many more to keep ourselves safe and have a peaceful cyberspace.


Evolution of the Education Sector:


Transformation is another name for reformation. It’s a form of development. That’s the condition of education in India. The education system in India has rapidly changed in the last decade. The ancient learning method now changed with blended learning, online classes, and many more.

 Traditional Education:


Conventional education is more focused on teaching and passing information to learners. It mostly focused on reciting the lessons, not on understanding. For example, students sit quietly until their turn comes to read a chapter or book. The teacher listen to every student reciting and expected them to learn or memorised the chapter in words. Tradition education is heavily based on assessing practical and written exams only. However traditional education is only focused on rewarding the students based on hard work, how efficiently they used class periods etc. Traditional education is based on customs only that schools use for many repeated years.

Modern Education:


The modern education system is different from the Traditional Education System as it focuses more on science and technology. Progressively modern education focused on students’ needs rather than assuming that every student has not the same way of learning or understanding. As per the syllabus, the form of education teaches, imaginative, creative thinking, and visualization.

Advancement in the education sector due to new technology and new opportunities:


Advancement of technology aims not only at the future of the education system but also at the schooling system and how smoothly it can operate. Now, the schools have also adopted the latest technology thus increasing computer knowledge among pupils at a very young age where young minds are taught & learn to code and mold their future in the field of cyber education.

The introduction of new technologies in education is: MOOC( Massive open online courses), online and distance learning, free online resources(i.e online libraries where you can download books and do your studies), smart classes, etc.




  • Teacher Productivity and Efficiency Have Increased.
  • Automation
  • Cut or reduce the cost of schooling.
  • It can exchange verbal communication between parents and teachers.
  • Students engage more in online study as it’s a new thing they experience for the first time.
  • Advancement of technology can also change the future lives of students.


  • Higher Management and Training.
  • Expensive
  • Distraction
  • It makes students cheat.
  • Students need to acquire correct information.

Combining all these impacts, we can predict that future school systems will differ from today. Many aspects of today’s school system will experience significant changes to meet the new needs of prospective students. However, one fundamental principle may not change: a school’s purpose is to train people who will use technology to serve economic developmental needs and discover new scientific and engineering foundations to advance new technologies.

Advantages of Modern Education System:


  • Modern education is a dynamic way to learn and understand knowledge faster among students and also they have a better chance or way to communicate with teachers well.
  • Modern education allows students to not only teach or learn lessons but also helps them to learn socialism as well.
  • In modern education screening education and online lectures are scheduled at a specific time which helps students to be punctual and consistent.


Disadvantages of Modern Education:


  • The lack of interpersonal skills as everything is held online only and it’s very challenging or difficult to make friends in online classes.
  • The livelihood is also a way to distract students from attending classes as they are not taking full concentration on the topic and students wander off from the course and end up doing different things.
  • Sometimes learners got isolated as they have less or no contact with the outer world and they may feel or make themselves alone and alone.



 Indeed, technology is rapidly increasing daily, and students are updating themselves as per the technology as they are also getting opportunities to experience these developments. The education department also has ample opportunities for the students to use the current technology and contribute to changing India.




Author: Ms. Priya Bala, Assistant Trainer, CyberPeace Foundation







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