People say that ‘Insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again while expecting different results’. It is considered wisdom to break out of negative habits and patterns. However, if applied to an artistic process, the meaning of the same adage changes to something more positive.

Similarly, World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID), commemorated on April 21 every year, allows people to confront old problems in new and creative ways, with the possibility of discovering better and more effective methods to achieve end goals.

The WCID, which unsurprisingly celebrates the importance of creativity and innovation, strives to raise awareness to foster innovative trans-disciplinary thinking at the individual and group levels and asks the globe to embrace the idea that innovation is essential to maximise nations’ economic potential.


Initially founded on 25 May 2001 in Toronto, Canada by Marci Segal, it is now celebrated on a different date as the United Nations on 27 April 2017 resolved to include World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April as a Day of observance to raise importance among people about the use of their creativity in problem-solving for all issues that may be related to achieving sustainable development goals.

Inspired by the life, skills and standards set by the Renaissance polymath, the day also remembers Leonardo Da Vinci, who excelled at both arts and science and was not only held as the pinnacle of human intelligence in his time, but his rational look towards life was far ahead of its time. The World Creativity and Innovation Day encourages everyone to tap into their inner Da Vinci and imagine living in a better world with different solutions and more cooperation.

The theme of World Creativity and Innovation Day in 2023 is ‘Step Out and Innovate’, which urges people to take positive action in order to improve the world around them and to move towards a better future.

Activities for the Day

  • Think Creative

Bring out the creator in you and put on your thinking caps. Creativity is a crucial quality that can aid in problem-solving, generating fresh concepts, and achieving goals. Creativity may be a valuable tool in your personal and professional life, regardless of whether you are a student, professional, or business owner. So, if you need more motivation or help, unlock your inner creativity by utilising it.

How does being creative help you?

Creativity can assist you in problem-solving by enabling you to think and generate original answers to challenging issues. It can increase productivity and your likelihood of being involved and focused. It can support your personal development by enabling you to gain new knowledge, expand your perspectives, and acquire new skills and knowledge. It can also improve your mood, bring you happiness and fulfilment and reduce stress and worry.

Reviving  the ‘dead’ creator in you

Get inspired by your surroundings, books, art, music, or the natural world. Try new things, look into other media, and don’t be scared to fail when you experiment. Work together to develop innovative concepts, exchange feedback, and get new insights. Make it a habit by setting aside time to be creative every day or every week. In addition, keep in mind that creativity is a skill everyone has access to. It’s a talent that can be cultivated over time. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and consider novel ideas.

  • Step Out and Innovate

Complex problem-solving, advancing technology, and building a better future for all depend on innovation. Creativity is essential for success and maintaining competitiveness in today’s fast-paced world, whether you’re an individual, a team, or an organisation. It is imperative that you embrace innovation and unleash your creative potential if you want to make a difference and have a positive influence.

  • What role does being innovative play?

Innovation can aid your quest for new answers as you can use innovation to look outside the box and find new, original solutions to challenges. Innovative ideas can result in new goods, services, and business strategies promoting growth and achievement. Innovation has the potential to positively affect the world by generating social, environmental, and economic advantages. It may also be rewarding as being inventive can lead to personal and professional fulfilment and help you realise your ambitions.

  • Leading the hidden innovator in you

Recognise opportunities in your sector or industry, look for opportunities to innovate, and watch for new trends and ideas. Feel free to confront common wisdom and beliefs that might prevent you from moving forward. Try new things, take chances, and be open to failure as a teaching opportunity as you experiment. Work with people with different backgrounds, viewpoints, and skill sets to collaborate to come up with fresh ideas and conquer obstacles.

Remember that innovation is a constant process of discovery, experimentation, and development rather than a singular event. Therefore, be daring and curious, and keep pushing the limits of what is conceivable. You may be a change agent and significantly impact the world if you have the appropriate mindset and strategy.

Use the hashtag

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness. Use the hashtag #creativityandinnovationday on social media platforms to spread information among others about the importance of the day.

CyberPeace Initiatives

CyberPeace has various initiatives and competitions to bring forward innovative ideas to young minds. CyberPeace protects, promotes and fosters ideas and start-ups that can substantially contribute to the nation and make the digital age and digital space secure and peaceful. To accomplish this, CyberPeace has set up incubators and accelerators in association with several academic institutions nationwide. Some of such initiatives are – CyberPeace Corps, CyberPeace TV, and CyberPeace CoEs to encourage youth to be engaged in emerging technologies and lead the way as future innovators.


Inspired by the life, skills and standards set by the Renaissance polymath, the World Creativity and Innovation Day remember Leonardo Da Vinci, the pinnacle of human intelligence in his time. The aim of commemorating World Creativity and Innovation Day is to encourage everyone to tap into their inner Da Vinci and imagine what living in a better world with different solutions and more cooperation would be like. It urges people to bring out the creator in them and put on their thinking caps.


Author  : Ms. Shubhangi Shifa, Assistant Editor – Media, CyberPeace

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