Ramping-up cybercrimes, online grooming, data theft, and nuisance in maintaining the users’ data privacy have undoubtedly upward concerns which lead to bringing up such impactful policies and compliances which need to be addressed to the netizens. In fact, this has drawn the attention of Karnataka Cabinets’ objectification to restrain cybercrime in the state and holding campaigns to foster enlightenment to the citizens about data privacy authorised by cybersecurity policy and experts.

The preceding day, our law and parliamentary affairs minister H.K Patil stated, It has become quite evident that cybercrimes are taking a rapid speed as technology evolves. Cabinet Ministry has sanctioned Karnataka CyberSecurity Policy 2023-2024. The main objective of this policy is to diminish the rate of cybercrime by encouraging an upward campaign on data privacy policy.


What is the framework?

In the framework of this cybersecurity policy, the state government, community organisations, citizens, and panchayats need to carry out cyber security and data protection activities awareness amalgamation. In Addition to this, the policy would imply that the new software realised in the finance sector, governments or any organisational body shall regulate under its’ compliance.

Moreover, to enforce such policy and make it a remark on data protection and data privacy of the state, the Center of Excellence (CoE) shall create a high-tech software-based laboratory to carry out actions such as monitoring, internal authentication, auditing, preachings on importance of data protection and privacy. Such advanced labs and ethical practices would lead to a hassle-free future.

Making laws and policies won’t just create any difference to society or neither protection, and it also needs awareness spreading campaigns and ethical security practices. Making a law might not be that daunting, but disseminating awareness and getting it authorised by the cybersecurity policy and other law-making authorities.


Intent Behind the Policy

Cybercrimes have an uplifting, and it’s high time to prevent and safeguard against them. The main idealogy behind this policy is to shrink the alarming rate of cybercrime in Karnataka state and also to ensure that citizens are aware and they should understand how to safeguard themselves in this digital age and keep their data private.


 Why do we need this Policy?

The policy bundles up a smack when it comes to Cybersecurity. It’s like a guideline book that is like a shield to our online safety from the bad guys out there lurking on the internet in hunger for data. It is a set of programs that preaches to individuals about online safety measures. The state government, local folks, tech-savvy communities, and the panchayats pitch to spread awareness about the social cause. Implementing such policy and compliance on educating people in society and in organisations may create a safe and secure place to surf.


A short brief about Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023.

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, also known as DPDP, recently got the President’s assent. Its’ framework is designed for the protection of personal data online in India. The objective of this framework is od protecting personal data and seeking the users’ permission before processing the personal data for legitimate purposes, as it is the right of the individual to do so. The new bill balances privacy rights and imposes legitimate restrictions on those rights. Moreover, the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill has become a revolutionary step toward the protection of personal data and privacy of Indian Citizens.


The bottom line

The Karnataka Cyber Security Policy 2023-24 is like the state’s superhero cape against cyber baddies. By spreading awareness and strengthening our digital defences, it’s here to make our online lives safer and more useful. So, next time you’re checking out something cool online, remember that the policy’s got your back!…




Author: Sakshi Ankush Dhanawade Intern, Policy and Advocacy

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