The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India fined Jio, airtel, and Vodafone falling for short curbing promotional (Spam) calls and SMS. This Indian telecom service provider fails to curb spam calls and SMS. TRAI is taking steps forward for safe cyberspace, and TRAI is in Favor of the selective banning of OTT applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook instead of an internet blackout. Through these steps, TRAI will create a new future in cyberspace.

TRAI targeted two things

TRAI targets two things recently, first TRAI released a consultation paper where it wants the selective banning of OTT platforms and applications, and the second thing is that recently the TRAI imposed a fine of Rs.35 crore on the Telecom service providers who fail to prevent pesky calls and SMSs.

TRAI directions of selective banning on OTT  

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India wants that instead of banning the internet, there shall be a selective ban on the OTT platforms and especially OTT applications. TRAI stated that when there is the need arises to ban the internet, these OTT applications shall be banned, and to ensure that there shall be continuity of essential internet drives services to users such as financial transactions, e-healthcare, and educational institutes. By banning these applications, there will be peace in the time of crisis because, during the crisis or national security and national emergency period, the anti-terrorists fulfil their propaganda of spreading misinformation and provoking the citizens through social media platforms. Banning the selective features of the application will help to stop this scenario. Like on chatting OTT Applications, there shall be a limit on group messages, no group video calls, No forwarding of messages on groups, and only a few seconds of video sharing.

TRAI imposed Rs 35 Crore fine on Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone

The TRAI is taking forward steps for a better future in cyberspace, from selectively banning OTT platforms and applications to imposing fines on service providers who are failing and unable to curb pesky calls. Recently TRAI imposed fines on Indian service providers, Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone. TRAI stated that the service providers should stop giving the 10 Digits mobile numbers for promotional calls and SMS. There shall be a distinct mobile number or 9-digit no. authorised for promotional calls and SMSs so that the users will able to get that they are getting promotional calls and SMS, as the number will get distinct from the general 10-digit mobile no. and The telecom companies will have to register both the number and the template as unregistered number calls and SMS will be blocked by the AI filter. The unwanted calls and SMSs annoy the users, and many cybercrimes and cyber frauds happen through these Spam calls and Messages. Unsolicited commercial calls are the major problem that annoys users.


TRAI wants to create a new future for cyberspace by the steps of curbing pesky calls and messages. For which TRAI directed to provide 9 digits Mobile No. to users by providing distinct No. Trai feels mobile companies need to do more to control the inflow of spam so that users get notifications only for desired services. TRAI may also consider selective banning of social media platforms or OTT platforms instead of an internet blackout. The main reason behind the selective banning is that there were many cases where the whole internet ban during the emergency created problems for basic day-to-day lives, as it affected the e-healthcare sectors, educational institutes, and financial transactions.




Author: Himanshi Singh, Associate, Policy & Advocacy Team CyberPeace

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