Twitter is a bit different social media platform than Facebook or Instagram. While all of them are used to connect people from around the world, Twitter, because of its design, is also used by many organizations, to disseminate information for public welfare as it could potentially reach a lot more people. This could include news updates, government policy updates, instant updates by public authorities etc. However, this design, which allows a greater reach of a tweet or an update, invites a lot of unwanted attention, opinions and behaviour, which is often vile, vulgar and defamatory in nature. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for people to understand the content policies and guidelines, to which one is bound to adhere to, to create a safe space for everyone on the platform.

There seems to be a consensus and standard set up by almost all of the social media platforms, which bars certain kinds of content to be posted or shared on their platform. Twitter is also a part of this consensus and this blog will brief one up with the policies and rules, which highlight the Content or Behavior, which is not allowed on the platform.


Any type of content that showcases or promotes violence in any way, be it self harm or caused to another individual or a threat to cause this harm or a glorification for the same, is not allowed on the platform. This would also include proliferation or propagation of extremism or terrorism on the platform

2. Hateful Conduct

Any kind of conduct presented or carried out with a malafide intention or to cause harm or discriminate against another individual or community based on their Sexual Orientation, Caste, Religion, Ethnicity, Class, Economic Background etc is strictly prohibited on the platform. This would also include any content that incites or promotes such behaviour by the means of a speech, creating a separate profile with such imagery or any other form of conveyance of such ideology.

3. CSAM and Adult Sexually Explicit content

Sharing of Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation material is Actionable under law, as per the statutes of most of the states. While, the case for ‘adult sexually explicit content’ is not the same, both the categories of content are not allowed on the platform. This would also include content presenting nonconsensual nudity, violation of bodily privacy, sexual assault, harassment or other types of sexual violence.

4. Intellectual property rights

Twitter also aims to provide a platform that complies with all the necessary statutes in protecting the intellectual property rights of the people on the platform. Unless someone is using someone else’s IP( intellectual property) to the extent of it being covered under the fair use policy, the platform doesn’t take an action, otherwise, the person in violation will be served with an automated ‘copyright violation notice’. One can refer more about this by following this link.

5. Exceptions in favor of public interest

Twitter has a comprehensive mechanism to review and remove a tweet in the scenario where it violates the platforms terms of use or policies. However, there are certain exceptions and scenarios where such action is not taken. This exception lies with the people who are elected government officials ie. are verified profiles and have huge a following . The tweets posted by them, in the usual manner, might qualify to get removed from the platform, however, in certain circumstances, the platform is more likely to add a ‘notice’ to the tweet instead of removing it. This ‘notice’ adds a context of what these individuals are trying to say as their words and actions might be useful for the public interest at large. However, this notice also limits the reach of such a tweet by controlling its algorithmic recommendation and engagement. The platform is more likely to take such an action in the following circumstances:

  1. The Tweet is directed at other government or elected officials or institutions as part of a public debate or call to protest;
  2. There is a larger point to the Tweet that is relevant to the author or target’s public role;
  3. The Tweet adds significant context to ongoing geopolitical events or issues; or
  4. There is significant documentary or accountability value in preserving the content as a matter of public record.

However, the platform might take an action against the accounts of such elected officials if they aim to violate the other policies of the platform, mentioned above, or try to harm the integrity of any democratic processes such as elections or parliamentary proceedings.

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