Meta owned WhatsApp has released over 20 new features, incorporating communities, group enhancements, and improved calling. It wishes to continue the same in 2023; on 5 January 2023, WhatsApp announced the launch of a proxy service globally. A method of connecting to the app via servers built up by organizations and volunteers, even for those in locations where internet service is unavailable or during a shutdown, you won’t lose connections with your loved ones. The message goes on to specifically mention the situation in Iran, where WhatsApp and Instagram are now restricted amid continuing protests that began with the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old who died after being imprisoned for “unsuitable dress.”

What is WhatsApp proxy support?

WhatsApp proxy support helps users, where they will be able to connect to WhatsApp using a proxy. It will be accessible via servers set up by volunteers and organizations to assist people in communicating willingly in circumstances where the internet is either blocked or disrupted. A recent blog post by the company said, “Connecting through proxy preserves WhatsApp’s high degree of privacy and security,” according to the blog. “Your communications will continue to be safeguarded by end-to-end encryption, ensuring they remain between you and the person with whom you’re conversing and are not visible to anybody in between, including  WhatsApp, or Meta and proxy server.”

Steps to use proxy server connection by the user

To set up a proxy server, you’ll need a proxy port of 80,433 or 5222. According to WhatsApp, users must “search through social media or search engines for reliable providers that have constructed a proxy.” Because the function is still relatively new, few people are aware of it. Finding proxy ports via volunteers and organizations on the internet should not be too difficult as it becomes more generally recognized. Both iOS and Android users may utilize the proxy connection feature. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of WhatsApp, and then proceed as follows:

On the iPhone

Open WhatsApp and navigate to the settings menu.

  1. Select Storage and Data.
  2. Tap on Proxy and turn on the toggle.
  3. To connect, enter the proxy address and hit Save.
  4. If the proxy port is correct, a Green checkmark should appear to indicate that the connection was successful.

On the Android phone

  1. Navigate to the Chats area of WhatsApp.
  2. Select More options, then Settings.
  3. Tap Storage and Data, then Proxy.
  4. Select Use Proxy and then Set Proxy.
  5. To connect, enter the proxy address and hit Save.
  6. If the proxy port is correct, a Green checkmark should appear to indicate that the connection was successful.

 Third-Party Proxy

Using a third-party proxy, according to WhatsApp, will disclose the user’s IP address to the proxy provider. The platform does not provide these sorts of proxies. Furthermore, if you are unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages when using a proxy, the proxy may have been blocked. To resolve this, long-press the banned proxy address and then input a new proxy address to try again.

Why use WhatsApp Proxy

Multiple nations are experiencing internet outages and disruptions. For example, the government in Iran has shut down the net because of the mandatory hijab law. War-torn Ukraine is also experiencing internet outages, leaving millions of people disconnected from their loved ones and worried about their whereabouts. WhatsApp proxy can seek help in such situations. SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, has also contributed 100 Starlink satellites in Iran to provide internet connectivity to people.

In the year 2022, a report was issued by the internet watchdog NetBlocks and VPNs. service According to Surfshark, Asia is the most restricted continent. It was also stated that India has as much as 85% of the internet. Recently, a parliamentary group investigating internet prohibitions in India was formed.  The government demands an investigation of selective blockage of Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp instead of a blanket shutdown of the internet.


These privacy and security enhancements occurred after WhatsApp reversed previous decisions to block some functions or terminate user accounts of individuals who objected to a new privacy policy mandating users to share their data with other Meta firms. According to Meta, over two billion individuals from over 180 nations globally utilize the platform for instant messaging and video chatting, a better and easy solution to get connected to your family and friends.

Author: Ms. Tanushree Saxena, Trainer, CyberPeace Foundation

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